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T'Bone's Star Wars Universe
Movie Review
Episode II
Attack of the Clones
Review by: CeeWulf
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Attack of the Clones -- With "The Phantom Menace", I was left with mixed feelings. The writer/director in me hated what Lucas had done. The horrible SPX with the Nemoidians, the bad dialogue, the poor story.

But, unlike most, I didn't have my hopes that high. When I saw Yoda in the first trailer, I had a sinking feeling in my stomach. I knew from that moment on that this movie had no chance in hell of standing up to the hype.

And it didn't.

With AOTC, Lucas made a concerted effort to downplay the hype. Plus, the media stayed away more this time around, generally in response to the overblown anticipation to TPM.

And it worked.

Without the extreme expectations, AOTC was allowed to glide into theaters with a sense of calm and a more realistic anticipation.

I enjoyed AOTC. It was better and bigger than TPM, something of a -- "Hey, I'm sorry for that last one," gesture from Lucas. The special effects were outstanding, the story was much more interesting and complex.

However, the dialogue just got worse. Anakin's laments to Amidala were laughable. So over the top that it stretched believability beyond recognition. The writer in me screamed with anger and annoyance.

What I also found was that I was less capable of sitting through AOTC than any of the other films. I've seen the Original Trilogy more than a hundred times. I've seen TPM dozens, several during its initial release in the theaters.

I could only sit through three showings of AOTC. The film moves much, much slower than any of the other films. This is the result of the lower action ratio compared to the other four movies. Plus, the love story was given an entire storyline all to its own.

What made the romance between Leia and Han work in Empire Strikes Back was that it was tied in directly with the action story. They were weaved together, complimenting one another. As a result, the story never slowed down or derailed, allowing their relationship to develop and Luke to experience his own storyline with Yoda.

In AOTC, they failed to do that. Instead of allowing the stories to work in unison, Lucas basically told two separate stories -- Obi-Wan's hunt for Amidala's would-be assassin, and Anakin and Amidala's tryst on Naboo. Both moved at separate paces. Obi-Wan's tale moved the film forward, while Anakin and Amidala's slowed the film down. For me, it damaged the flow and makes the film difficult to sit through.

At least, in the theater. I imagine -- or at least hope -- that it will be easier to watch at home on DVD.

When AOTC finally dealt with action, it did a bang-up job. The fight between Obi-Wan and Jango Fett was terrific. Boba Fett was a truly twisted little boy. Plus, the entire ending battle sequence was outstanding.

And, of course, the saber duel was excellent. A little short, but how can you beat Yoda stepping up to the plate to kick some serious ass?

In the end, I was satisfied with the film. Very entertaining.

It's important to remember that the Star Wars films are meant as harmless, fun entertainment. It's not Shakespeare, and its not serious filmmaking. It's just plain fun. A throw back to the fun serials of the 30s, 40s and 50s. So, while I may not like some of the choices that Lucas has made in these Prequels, I can still enjoy them in the spirit they were intended.

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