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T'Bone's Star Wars Universe
Fan Fiction
"The Touch"
A Tahiri/Anakin Story
by CeeWulf
"The Touch"
Part One: Visions

The ship’s damp, soft deck vibrated softly beneath Tahiri’s bare feet. She sat silently; the only sound was her breath moving in and out of her with slow deliberation. The room was dark, a sliver of light falling in through the doorway and over Anakin Solo’s lifeless face.

She wasn’t sure how long she had been sitting there. Minutes, hours, days. It didn’t matter. Nothing mattered. Nothing at all.

Before her, damaged and broken on a slab of living flesh, was her shattered dream of a home and happiness.

Of a future with children and loved ones.

Anakin Solo. The love of her life.

His appearance had been cleaned up. So much so that he appeared to be merely sleeping and not dead at all. But she knew different, as she couldn’t feel his presence. Couldn’t reach out with the Force and touch him. Because he was no longer there. He was simply…


Tahiri felt she should do something. Cry. Scream. Laugh. Something to take her mind away from the pain. Pain was dangerous for a Jedi. But, what could she do? What difference would it make? In the end, he would still be gone, and she would still be alone in this dark place with no one to show her which way to go.

The young Jedi stood and moved carefully across the room. She stood beside the cold body. Her eyes moved over his face, sunken and devoid of the light that once pulled her to it. The soft light from outside cast shadows over his eyes, hiding them.

Her hand moved towards his cheek, caressed it gently. She tried to remember how soft it once felt, warm and inviting. Now, it was harsh and cold.

Suddenly, Anakin’s hand reached up and grabbed hold of her elbow. She shook, startled. His head lifted, eyes open and staring at her. But, there were no eyes. There were only dark, empty sockets.

Tahiri sat up in her bed, a scream pouring from her throat. She clutched at her sweat-soaked sheets, her hair stuck to her forehead. The blue moonlight filtered in through the window and glistened off her body.

But she was alone. There was no voice to ask her if she were okay. There was no one.

The young woman began to cry. She curled up in the fetal position, gripping her bed sheets. Her body shook as she sobbed.

It was several hours before daybreak. Tahiri slowly calmed, the tears ceased. She eyed the moonlight, which had moved off her bed and onto the floor.

The images of Anakin continued to play through her mind. It had been a year since his death, and she still could not release herself from the despair she had felt. The memories of the love they shared, and of the life they could have had together.

Tahiri moved through the darkness to the refresher and splash cold water over her face. She washed away the tears and sweat, and gathered her strength.

This must end, she thought to herself. There must be something.

Tahiri stood up straight and looked in the mirror. Behind her, in the reflection, Anakin stood. His face was bloody, bruised. But beneath it, he smiled. She turned

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