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USA oater ends up at Boot Hill -- 11/5/03

NEW YORK -- The USA Network has canceled its tongue-in-cheek Western series "Peacemakers," with Tom Berenger, after playing off the nine episodes it had produced. READ STORY...

'Peacemakers' revives the TV Western -- 9/14/03

WASHINGTON, Sept. 14 (UPI) -- Ever wondered what a Western made for "Masterpiece Theater" would look like? Or what would happen if you ever crossed "The Virginian" with CSI"? In the unlikely event that you have, the "USA" cable network has the show for you. READ STORY...

Most Cable Summer Originals Faded After Hot Start -- 9/4/03

USA enjoyed a strong month, with three of the four top-rated original series to its name. Both the Tony Shalhoub starrer "Monk" and "The Dead Zone" exceeded their performances in July, while "Peacemakers" never quite matched its outstanding July 30 debut: After becoming the most-watched series debut on cable to date with 5.2 million viewers, the Western drama dropped to an average just shy of 3 million. READ STORY...

Vivendi picks NBC merger bid -- 9/2/03

(This article has been posted because Vivendi Universal is the owner of USA Network, and recent rumors that PEACEMAKERS may be cancelled have been linked to this deal)
NEW YORK (CNN/Money) - General Electric's NBC unit won the bidding for Vivendi Universal's U.S. entertainment assets Tuesday with a multibillion-dollar merger offer that would create one of the world's largest media companies. READ STORY...

'Peacemakers' rustles up viewers -- 8/27/03

Critics laughed themselves silly at "Peacemakers," the Tom Berenger detective Western that had its premiere last month on USA. Well, look who's laughing now: READ STORY...

USA's new series revives old Western charm -- 8/24/03

New USA series, 'Peacemakers,' is solid storytelling that uses a good cast and a time when science was making its way into criminal investigations to make the new show a success. READ STORY...

'Dead Zone' renewed ('Peacemakers' fate unknown) -- 8/22/03

LOS ANGELES, California (Hollywood Reporter) -- USA Network has extended "The Dead Zone's" lease on life. READ STORY...

USA's 'Peacemakers' Rides Tall with Record Debut -- 8/1/03

USA Network rode tall in the saddle Wednesday with the premiere of its forensic Western "Peacemakers," which ranked as basic cable's most-watched series debut so far this year and the second-highest original series launch in basic cable history. READ STORY...

Forensic Investigation is Born in USA Network's Original Western Series PEACEMAKERS -- 7/30/03

The Western Frontier is disappearing as encroaching civilization and the industrial age meet in the late 1880's. Nowhere is the clash of the old and new more evident than in law enforcement. With the advent of fingerprinting, photography and other forensic techniques, modern police investigation is born. READ STORY...

Back in the Saddle -- 7/30/03

Without trying to remake "Blazing Saddles" for television, Tom Berenger wants to bring a little humor back to the dead-serious Western. READ STORY...

'Peacemakers': 'CSI'meets Old West -- 7/30/03

Once in awhile, a television show creates such a stir and develops a large fan base that every network executive can't help but notice. CBS' "CSI" is one of those breakout dramas. The show hit the top of the Nielsen ratings immediately and hasn't slowed down. In its wake are several copies hoping to grab just a slice of "CSI's" popularity. CBS was the first to copy its own drama with last season's debut of "CSI: Miami" and this season's "Navy NCIS" starring Mark Harmon about Navy forensic investigators. READ STORY...

Tom Berenger signs on for new Western series -- 7/29/03

How long has it been since actor Tom Berenger was a regular on a TV series? Berenger, who recently turned 54, is best known for feature and TV films. You have to go back nearly 30 years to find him on a TV series, when he did a one-season stint on the soap One Life to Live, beginning in 1975. READ STORY...

St. Joe graduate creates TV show -- 7/27/03

It's a long way from Pittsfield to Vancouver, British Columbia. But for Larry Carroll, every step of the journey has been worth it. READ STORY...

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Title: The Perfect Crime
Airs: 11/10/03
Time: 12:00 AM
USA oater ends up at Boot Hill -- 11/5/03
'Peacemakers' revives the TV Western -- 9/14/03
Most Cable Summer Originals Faded After Hot Start -- 9/4/03
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