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Welcome to the Silver City Times, the source for information on the happenings in the small Colorado town, and the adventures of the local U.S. Marshal and his special team of investigators.
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12/31/03 -- We have taken down the "upcoming episode" listing, since it appears USA Network will no longer air the episodes. For more visit our News department.

12/23/03 -- PEACEMAKERS may have been cancelled, but the adventures continue. Read our latest Fan Fiction, "Stone Cold Heart", by first-timer Amy Potter.

11/05/03 -- It's official. USA Network has unfortunately chosen to cancel what was a terrific program. Check it out here.

The Western Frontier is disappearing as encroaching civilization and the industrial age meet in the late 1880's. Nowhere is the clash of the old and new more evident than in law enforcement. With the advent of fingerprinting, photography and other forensic techniques, pocket option bonus modern police investigation is born.

PEACEMAKERS was a show featured on the USA Network, starring Tom Berenger, Peter O'Meara and Amy Carlson. This western series mixes good old fashion action with high-tech forensic medicine - well, 1880's high-tech. It's a very cool idea, with a very cool star who I've always respected.

If you're a fan of the show, then this is the site for you. Keep up with the latest episodes and chat about the stories and cast. You can also show your appreciation for the show by creating desktop wallpaper and sharing them with others, or download wallpaper created by fans like you.

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'Peacemakers' no longer on USA Network schedule -- 12/31/03
USA oater ends up at Boot Hill -- 11/5/03
'Peacemakers' revives the TV Western -- 9/14/03
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