8/13/2004 -- It's Friday the 13th - really - and The Horror Guru returns to slice into the Friday the 13th sequel that introduced the legendary killer, Jason.

-- Michael Sheridan takes a look at the classic war film, Zulu, which was Michael Caine's first starring role.

8/12/2004 -- Daryl Grove returns with two new entries: a review of the sci-fi action pic, I, Robot; and an article that examines the real value of DVDs and the hyped, so-called “special editions”.

8/10/2004 -- Tail Slate has officially made the move! Our new official web address is www.tailslate.net.

8/8/2004 -- Today we unleash our newest contributor, with his first review. The Horror Guru! Take a look at his premiere column on the classic slasher flick, Friday the 13th!


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starFriday the 13th, Part 2
The legendary onscreen killer, Jason, makes his debut in this sequel.
starI, Robot
This high-concept sci-fi actioner boils down to a traditional cop gets kicked off force and teams up with polar opposite action film with more product placement than originality.
starSpider-Man 2
The web-slinger returns - along with the entire main cast from the first film - to battle Doctor Octopus in this strong, action-packed sequel that proves to be just as good - if not better - than the original.
starThe Day After Tomorrow
The mother of all disaster films is a big mixture of effects and hokey dialogue. But, as much as the pseudo science is over-the-top, the film is a good old-fashioned popcorn movie.
starNew York Minute
The big-screen debut of Mary-Kate and Ashley makes it quite obvious that this big move was perhaps premature. Nothing new here that can't be found on the dozens of DVDs they've released over the years.
starThe Saddest Music in the World
While this wildly funny and visually breathtaking film could well find director Guy Maddin that broader audience he so deserves, his films are still an acquired taste.
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This classic is one of the greatest war films ever made, detailing the struggles of a collection of British soldiers facing off against thousands of Zulu warriors at Rorke's Drift in 1879.
starGlengarry Glen Ross
This brilliantly acted, directed, and written drama sparkles on screen, not only because of the masterful performances, but because of the sizzling "Mametspeak".
starThe Devil's Backbone
This dark, creepy horror failed to grab the attention of American audiences in 2001, but is a terrific film which very much worth the effort to view.
starDon Juan DeMarco
This funny and romantic tale helped mold Johnny Depp’s reputation as the unconventional American actor, as well as give Marlon Brando a chance to once again shine on the silver screen.
starThe Station Agent
This tender, warm-hearted film is both funny and dramatic in a single breath. A simple tale, it speaks about the friendship of three lost souls looking for companionship in a rural New Jersey town.
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starRebel Without A Crew
Robert Rodriguez, director of Desperado and Spy Kids takes you through the daily process of how he made El Mariachi, a $7,000 action film, and became Hollywood's hot new talent.
starMaking Movies
I recently moved, and was able to unpack several of my books which had been tucked away for awhile. I decided, since I was putting the book out for display, I should read it...
starIn the Blink of an Eye
During my 12-week stint at the New York Film Academy it was recommended that we read this book. Written by Walter Murch, editor of "Apocalypse Now," it is an insightful and fascinating look at the art of film editing...
starThe Film Director
I recently moved, and was able to unpack several of my books which had been tucked away for awhile. I decided, since I was putting the book out for display, I should read it...
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