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Review by: Matt Ufford
The newest from Keanu Reeves and a music video director: it could suck a lot worse, but it still sucks.
Posted on: 2/23/2005 8:59:29 PM

popcornThe Phantom of the Opera
Review by: Douglas Strassler
The beloved Broadway musical comes to life in this lavish film version.
Posted on: 2/23/2005 9:57:51 AM

popcornSky Blue
Review by: Matt Ufford
Korean film features both 3-D and 2-D animation, with plenty 1-D characters.
Posted on: 2/9/2005 11:21:14 AM

popcornImaginary Heroes
Review by: Michael Sheridan
A sometimes funny, sometimes clever, yet ultimately pointless melodrama.
Posted on: 2/10/2005 8:01:32 PM

popcornBride and Prejudice
Review by: Sarah Vance
For the sheer spectacle, Bride and Prejudice may be worth the price of admission. But fans of Bend It Like Beckham are going to be greatly disappointed.
Posted on: 2/13/2005 5:58:58 PM

Review by: Dale Wilson
Ong Bak positions Tony Jaa to be the next great martial arts action star
Posted on: 2/11/2005 9:35:20 PM

popcornThe Wedding Date
Review by: Sarah Vance
It's not Four Weddings and a Funeral. It's not even close.
Posted on: 2/3/2005 10:04:13 AM

popcornThe Woodsman
Review by: Lisa Cron
In a stunning directorial debut, Nichole Kassell's film about Walter, a pedophile reentering society after twelve years in prison is viscerally brought to life by Kevin Bacon's searing, unflinchingly seamless performance. Kevin Bacon is Walter.
Posted on: 1/21/2005 1:36:21 PM

Review by: Matt Ufford
German drama set for limited New York City release on January 21st is compelling and depressing.
Posted on: 1/18/2005 12:52:38 PM

popcornMillion Dollar Baby
Review by: Sarah Vance
Old-fashioned filmmaking at its finest, this film is a cinematic treat that harkens back to a time when the story you were telling mattered more than dazzling special effects or pithy dialogue filled with references to obscure pop culture.
Posted on: 1/14/2005 6:29:13 PM

popcornFinding Neverland
Review by: Jonathan Cane
The first in my series to spotlight the likely major winners this film award season: Finding Neverland.
Posted on: 1/12/2005 1:16:46 AM

popcornThe Aviator
Review by: Lisa Cron
Martin Scorsese’s new biopic of the early life of Howard Hughes is the film equivalent of that old Hollywood stereotype: big, beautiful, flashy, but ultimately, empty. Add a large dollop of earnest, and it becomes as unwieldy and earthbound as, well, the Spruce Goose.
Posted on: 1/11/2005 5:16:14 PM

popcornIn Good Company
Review by: Matt Ufford
Dennis Quaid and Topher Grace star in a hilarious and touching send-up of corporate culture.
Posted on: 1/11/2005 4:51:07 PM

popcornOcean’s 12
Review by: Mark Sotelo
It’s hard to imagine director/writer Steven Soderbergh doesn’t somewhere have a more interesting vacation home movie then Oceans 12 in his basement.
Posted on: 1/6/2005 8:22:29 PM

Review by: Rory L. Aronsky
Adam Sandler continues an acting habit that may serve him well later in his career when the funny isn't so funny anymore.
Posted on: 1/5/2005 2:48:29 PM

popcornThe Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou
Review by: Matt Ufford
A quirky, character-driven pseudo-Cousteau adventure from Wes Anderson.
Posted on: 1/4/2005 11:26:27 PM

Review by: Michael Sheridan
A clever story that features some hit-and-miss improvisational scenes about a guy looking for love via a dating service.
Posted on: 1/3/2005 7:35:51 PM

popcornHotel Rwanda
Review by: Michael Sheridan
A powerful and moving story of one man struggling against all odds to save more than 1,200 people from a deadly genocide in Rwanda in the 1990s.
Posted on: 12/17/2004 11:42:01 PM

Review by: Michael Sheridan
An exploration of the wine industry that spans the globe. Features some great little stories, but tries too hard to include too many themes.
Posted on: 12/16/2004 8:53:03 PM

popcornThe Sea Inside
Review by: Linda Sheridan
A paralyzed man fights decades for his right to die.
Posted on: 12/15/2004 10:40:20 PM

popcornI am David
Review by: Michael Sheridan
A twelve-year-old escapes a Eastern European prison camp after World War II and makes his way through several countries to deliver a package.
Posted on: 12/14/2004 7:07:29 PM

popcornCourage & Stupidity
Review by: Michael Sheridan
A young director named Steven struggles against broken sharks and obnoxious directors as he tries to direct a film in the mid-1970s.
Posted on: 12/7/2004 9:23:01 PM

popcornA Very Long Engagement
Review by: Michael Sheridan
This outstanding drama is both touching and funny as it follows a young French woman's search for her lost lover after World War I.
Posted on: 11/24/2004 8:35:59 PM

popcornThe Incredibles
Review by: C. Corey Smith
A family of superheroes are called back into action after years of being in hiding.
Posted on: 11/24/2004 8:29:32 PM

popcornHouse of Flying Daggers
Review by: Michael Sheridan
A Kong Fu action flick that goes from bad to worse with a melodramatic ending that defies reality.
Posted on: 11/23/2004 9:44:14 PM

popcornThe SpongeBob SquarePants Movie
Review by: C. Corey Smith
SpongeBob SquarePants and friends go on their first big screen adventure, as SpongeBob struggles to save Mr. Crabs from King Neptune.
Posted on: 11/17/2004 10:16:01 AM

popcornThe Polar Express
Review by: C. Corey Smith
A boy is shown the power of Christmas in this eerie yet magical animated tale.
Posted on: 11/17/2004 10:06:23 AM

popcornBad Education
Review by: Michael Sheridan
A film director on the hunt for his next project gets pulled into a twisted mystery as an old friend from his resurfaces. But is he really who he claims to be?
Posted on: 11/16/2004 5:27:39 PM

popcornLightning in a Bottle
Review by: Kurt B. Davis
Director Antione Fuqua and producer Martin Scorsese's documentary spotlighting the once-in-a-lifetime blues concert featuring the genre's biggest and brightest performers.
Posted on: 11/1/2004 4:29:12 PM

popcornTeam America: World Police
Review by: C. Corey Smith

Posted on: 10/28/2004 10:49:06 PM

Review by: Michael Sheridan
The powerful talents both on screen and behind the camera fail to overcome the character problems in this drama of a woman struggling to recapture a lost love through a romance with a younger man.
Posted on: 10/9/2004 10:13:42 PM

popcornSky Captain and the World of Tomorrow
Review by: C. Corey Smith
This high-concept homage to adventure films and serials of the 30s and 40s is and exciting trip, but the acting and characters threaten to drag it down.
Posted on: 9/29/2004 4:33:11 PM

popcornAlien vs. Predator
Review by: Michael Sheridan
This long awaited, sci-fi match up may have been fun to watch, but lacked any real storytelling or smarts that would have made this actioner a much more enjoyable outing.
Posted on: 8/22/2004 3:55:33 PM

popcornI, Robot
Review by: Daryl J. Grove
This high-concept sci-fi actioner boils down to a traditional cop gets kicked off force and teams up with polar opposite action film with more product placement than originality.
Posted on: 8/12/2004 10:36:50 PM

popcornSpider-Man 2
Review by: Darisa Diaz
The web-slinger returns - along with the entire main cast from the first film - to battle Doctor Octopus in this strong, action-packed sequel that proves to be just as good - if not better - than the original.
Posted on: 7/6/2004 10:27:30 AM

popcornThe Day After Tomorrow
Review by: Michael Sheridan
The mother of all disaster films is a big mixture of effects and hokey dialogue. But, as much as the pseudo science is over-the-top, the film is a good old-fashioned popcorn movie.
Posted on: 5/28/2004 3:29:14 PM

popcornNew York Minute
Review by: Darisa Diaz
The big-screen debut of Mary-Kate and Ashley makes it quite obvious that this big move was perhaps premature. Nothing new here that can't be found on the dozens of DVDs they've released over the years.
Posted on: 5/16/2004 7:46:15 PM

popcornThe Saddest Music in the World
Review by: Kate Bobby
While this wildly funny and visually breathtaking film could well find director Guy Maddin that broader audience he so deserves, his films are still an acquired taste.
Posted on: 5/16/2004 4:26:22 PM

popcornMean Girls
Review by: Darisa Diaz
Mean Girls is a welcome addition to a new millennium where most teens have never heard of Heathers and are too young to remember Clueless. Lohan’s stardom has successfully launched into orbit with the help of Fey and Waters.
Posted on: 5/3/2004 8:18:14 PM

popcorn13 Going On 30
Review by: Darisa Diaz
Look out Julia Roberts, Jennifer Garner is making her case as America’s next sweetheart. This is a feel-good film through and through, and Garner is clearly bound to become a star on the big screen.
Posted on: 5/3/2004 6:38:43 PM

popcornYoung Adam
Review by: Kate Bobby
Although the film adaptation of this will not most likely ensure cinematic glory for Trocchi’s ultimately chilly prose, David Mackenzie’s hypnotic cinematic effort is an interesting glimpse at the Beat Generation’s overseas incarnation.
Posted on: 4/27/2004 2:56:37 PM

popcornElla Enchanted
Review by: Darisa Diaz
Ella Enchanted is a modern day fairy tale about an unfortunate girl who is cursed with “the gift” of obedience by a fairy godmother. But the film is all spunk and little substance, even with the talented Anne Hathaway.
Posted on: 4/23/2004 10:54:44 AM

popcornShaun of the Dead
Review by: Daryl J. Grove
Despite the title Shaun of the Dead is not a straight spoof of the zombie genre, it’s more a comedy that happens to have zombies in it, and what makes it such a delight is the humour.
Posted on: 4/18/2004 10:29:00 PM

popcornEternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
Review by: Shannon O'Neill
Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind is a film filled with the quiet poignancy of intimacy, and is a testament to what film should always be — visual storytelling.
Posted on: 4/16/2004 11:15:16 AM

popcornKill Bill Vol. 2
Review by: Daryl J. Grove
A massive mixture of film references and lots - and lots - of dialogue, Kill Bill Vol. 2 is fun, but not exactly Tarantino's best creations.
Posted on: 4/9/2004 12:42:42 PM

Review by: Tim Steffen
Hellboy is one of those rare superhero flicks that’s faster, funnier, and more heartfelt than any Hulk or Batman churned out by the Hollywood bubble gum factory.
Posted on: 4/8/2004 1:20:16 PM

Review by: Kate Bobby
Lars von Trier has broken new ground with Dogville, toying again with the medium of film and coming up with something altogether new.
Posted on: 4/8/2004 12:49:11 PM

popcornThe Ladykillers
Review by: Tim Steffen
It is difficult to separate myself from comparing the two films because the remake is such a perfect, dead-on, detailed rehash. If you’ve seen the original, there’s nothing really new in this one.
Posted on: 4/2/2004 12:00:05 PM

popcornDawn of the Dead (2004)
Review by: Michael Sheridan
This remake of a classic horror film comes close to being the perfect horror film. Great characters, great dialogue, great everything.
Posted on: 3/30/2004 1:41:06 PM

popcornMatrix: Revolutions
Review by: Daryl J. Grove
The Matrix trilogy opened with a bang, shifted into a wimper, and - while it ended positively - the series went completely downhill and lost the very thing that made it great.
Posted on: 3/15/2004 11:56:00 AM

popcornKill Bill
Review by: Daryl J. Grove
Tarantino’s approach to this film is made very clear in the first few moments of Kill Bill Volume One. A deadly serious quote, that “Revenge is a dish best served cold” is quickly undercut as the source is revealed to be “ancient Klingon proverb”.
Posted on: 3/15/2004 11:17:18 AM

popcornRoger Dodger
Review by: Daryl J. Grove
Although the shakey camera work can make you seasick, the film offers a lot of heart and laughs with its witty dialogue and characters.
Posted on: 3/15/2004 10:34:17 AM

Review by: Sam Rubenstein
With selling points of sex, drugs, and money; the three main food groups of America, “Tart” would seemingly figure to appeal to anyone who enjoyed a movie like “Cruel Intentions”, but this film is far deeper.
Posted on: 2003-12-01 14:58:12

popcornPunch Drunk Love
Review by: Daryl J. Grove
The unlikely combination of Adam Sandler and Paul Thomas Anderson was always going to result in something a bit different, and without a doubt ‘Punch Drunk Love’ represents a change in direction for both star and director.
Posted on: 2003-11-04 21:33:04

Review by: Gerry Velasquez
While this wasn't the first adaptation of the famous comic book hero, it still is, in my opinion the best...
Posted on: 2003-09-10 14:41:51

popcornMonster's Ball
Review by: Monica Wilder
Monster’s Ball, believe it or not, is a love story. It is a story about second chances and never giving up on people, not even yourself. A story of how hatred will destroy everything it touches. Monster’s Ball is an old English term given to the party that is thrown for the condemned the night before he is executed....
Posted on: 2003-09-10 14:41:10

popcornJohn Q
Review by: Monica Wilder
John Q is the story about an “everyman”, John Q. Public, if you will. John Q is a man forced with a decision that millions of Americans are forced to make every day. What do you do when your child needs a life-saving operation and your health care provider will not provide that service? You have a choice to make. You can either work within the system or you can buck it...
Posted on: 2003-09-10 14:40:31

popcornTraining Day
Review by: Monica Wilder
What could be better then seeing Denzel Washington during my Christmas break? Seeing him show up in "Training Day" driving a custom, vintage low rider Black Monte Carlo. The car that I wanted my dad to buy me when I was in High School...
Posted on: 2003-09-10 14:39:48

popcornHarry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone
Review by: Michael Sheridan
The stories of Harry Potter have reached such heights of success that is would be hard - if not impossible - to calculate. And I don't really get it...
Posted on: 2003-09-10 14:39:02

popcornSpy Game
Review by: Michael Sheridan
2001 has proven to be, from television to the movies, the year of the spies. And while some of the trips into espionage have not been handled correctly - CBS' "The Agency" - others have gone much better - "Spy Game."...
Posted on: 2003-09-10 14:38:18

popcornMonsters, Inc.
Review by: Michael Sheridan
Since “Toy Story,” I have been a fan of the Pixar films. They’ve consistently produced intelligent films for adults and children. The stories are all funny, touching and entertaining. "Monsters, Inc." follows in that tradition...
Posted on: 2003-09-10 14:37:36

popcornRiding in Cars with Boys
Review by: Michael Sheridan
Okay, first and foremost, I will state right now that my wife wanted to see this movie. I would not have chosen to go see it myself. But, she wanted me to come with her, so I did. And I liked it...
Posted on: 2003-09-10 14:36:45

popcornJay and Silent Bob Strike Back
Review by: Michael Sheridan
This summer has seen several big budget monstrosities -- "Tomb Raider," "Planet of the Apes," "The Mummy Returns" -- but of all those films there was one I was looking forward to more than any other...
Posted on: 2003-09-10 14:35:57

popcornPlanet of the Apes
Review by: Michael Sheridan
Upon first hearing that plans were underway to “remake” the original “Planet of the Apes,” I was interested. While I wasn’t certain why they would bother, I thought it would be fun to see another “Apes” film...
Posted on: 2003-09-10 14:29:28

popcornThe Fast and the Furious
Review by: Monica Wilder
If you want to go to a movie and simply enjoy two hours of pure nitro, this is the movie for you! This is one movie that actually lives up to its title.
Posted on: 2003-09-10 14:28:45

popcornJurassic Park III
Review by: Monica Wilder
Have I become a cynic or did I just see the same movie with different actors? There is nothing new here...
Posted on: 2003-09-10 14:18:42

popcornTomb Raider
Review by: Monica Wilder
Imagine this: You have one of the most successful and recognized computer game character in the world. You think, “Hey, let’s make a movie out of it.”...
Posted on: 2003-09-10 14:14:33

popcornFinal Fantasy
Review by: Michael Sheridan
I wanted to see this film more for curiosity than anything else. I never played the many games, although my fiancé had. But, the film looked cool, and I was interested to see just how good the animation was. At the end, I found myself more impressed with the computer-generated characters then the film itself...
Posted on: 2003-09-10 14:12:30

popcornA.I. (Artificial Intelligence)
Review by: Michael Sheridan
I can remember the dust which was raised surrounding Stanley Kubrick’s death. Although I was never particularly a fan of his work, I was disappointed to hear that his ambitious concept of artificial intelligence in the future was not going to be made...
Posted on: 2003-09-10 14:09:48

popcornPearl Harbor
Review by: Michael Sheridan
Unfortunately, I was not able to get this review up sooner, because if I could have helped prevent some of you from wasting your money by viewing this garbage, I would have felt that this site achieved something important...
Posted on: 2003-09-10 14:08:08

popcornRed Planet
Review by: Michael Sheridan
2000 was a year of competing concepts. Like the “Deep Impact” and “Armageddon” face-off back in 1998, we had two films begging for the audience’s attention as they spun yarns about manned missions to Mars...
Posted on: 2003-09-10 14:06:12

popcornThe Crew
Review by: Michael Sheridan
When this film was released, it didn't even make it into the Top 5 at the box office. Although it had similar appeal as "Space Cowboys" in that it starred four familiar geriatric actors, it didn't share it's predecessor's success...
Posted on: 2003-09-10 12:08:52

popcornNurse Betty
Review by: Michael Sheridan
When watching the trailer, one would think this somewhat goofy comedy would be good for a few laughs. Well, after having viewed the film in its entirety, I would say that was accurate. I laughed a few times. But most of those laughs were prefaced with the question, “Should I be laughing at this?”...
Posted on: 2003-09-10 12:06:25

Review by: Michael Sheridan
Now, I want to begin this write-up by saying that it wasn’t my idea to rent this film. While I love science fiction, I really didn’t have any interest to watch this movie, which had been universally panned by critics and was a financial disappointment for MGM when it arrived in theaters in January...
Posted on: 2003-09-10 12:03:19

popcornSpace Cowboys
Review by: Michael Sheridan
When my fiancé and I were heading out to see this film, her father noted that with a “cast like that, how can the movie be bad.” For the most part, he was correct...
Posted on: 2003-09-10 11:04:23

popcornWhat Lies Beneath
Review by: Michael Sheridan
First, I’d like to say that I have been a fan of Harrison Ford for many years. From Indiana Jones to John Book, his films have always been enjoyable -- except for “Random Hearts,” which was one of the worst films I’ve seen in a long time. I’ve also always respected Ford’s apparent work ethic and his attitude towards his profession...
Posted on: 2003-09-10 11:02:35

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The Guru saws through this classic horror flick that helped set the standard.

ARTICLE: Goin' for the Gold
New contributor Douglas Strassler offers his picks for this Sunday's major awards at the Oscars.

DVD: Bambi
The classic animation film gets a stunning restoration in this terrific DVD release, due out March 1st.

FILM: Constantine
The newest from Keanu Reeves and a music video director: it could suck a lot worse, but it still sucks.

FILM: Phantom of the Opera
Although the movie unfortunately brings more attention to the musical's weak plot than it should have, it does successfully translate the beauty of the music.

DVD: Spirited Away
If you're a student of animation, this is a movie you need to see.

DVD: Ray
A surprisingly honest biopic featuring an outstanding, and Oscar-worthy performance by Jamie Foxx.

DVD: Vanity Fair
While well acted and visually beautiful, this is an ultimately flawed story with unlikable characters.

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