6/29/2004 -- Read our interview with Brian Dannelly, the co-writer and director of the satirical, Saved!, starring Jena Malone, Mandy Moore and Macaulay Culkin.

6/26/2004 -- This weekend update features a look at the 90s film, Don Juan DeMarco, an underrated funny and romantic film featuring Johnny Depp and Marlon Brando.

6/24/2004 -- We offer a pair of DVD reviews focusing on two wonderful pieces of work: the tension-filled 70s classic, The Taking of Pelham One Two Three, and the gentle, humorous, The Station Agent. And in light of the release of Fahrenheit 9/11, we take a hard look at the “documentaries” of Michael Moore with, Easy Laughs, Easy Money.

6/14/2004 -- Two new DVD reviews have been posted. We take a look back at the 80s, gay-themed classic, Torch Song Trilogy, and the Oscar-nominated Tom Cruise/Edward Zwick epic, The Last Samurai.

The Day After Tomorrow
New York Minute
The Saddest Music in the World
Mean Girls
13 Going On 30
Don Juan DeMarco
The Station Agent
The Taking of Pelham One Two Three
The Last Samurai
Torch Song Trilogy
Rebel Without A Crew
Making Movies
In the Blink of an Eye
The Film Director
Not Just Another Teen Movie
Easy Laughs, Easy Money
Diary from the 48-Hour Film Project
Q&A; with Shola Lynch
Past and Present

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starDon Juan DeMarco
Review by: Kurt B. Davis
This funny and romantic tale helped mold Johnny Depp’s reputation as the unconventional American actor, as well as give Marlon Brando a chance to once again shine on the silver screen.
Posted on: 6/26/2004 12:33:27 PM

starThe Station Agent
Review by: Daryl J. Grove
This tender, warm-hearted film is both funny and dramatic in a single breath. A simple tale, it speaks about the friendship of three lost souls looking for companionship in a rural New Jersey town.
Posted on: 6/23/2004 11:22:17 PM

starThe Taking of Pelham One Two Three
Review by: Kurt B. Davis
This 70s thriller offers tension, wit and action without the flash and glam featured in most of today’s over-the-top actioners.
Posted on: 6/23/2004 9:48:51 PM

starThe Last Samurai
Review by: Darisa Diaz
A truly grand, wondrous larger-than-life film, this Tom Cruise vehicle is a credit to hero epics like Braveheart that have drawn too many wannabes like the grandiose Gladiator.
Posted on: 6/14/2004 11:29:20 AM

starTorch Song Trilogy
Review by: Kurt B. Davis
Bawdy, quick-witted and proudly sentimental, this film was the odds on favorite to be the first gay-themed motion picture to gain mainstream success in 1988. But it was unfortunately ahead of its time.
Posted on: 6/14/2004 10:49:01 AM

starQuest for Fire
Review by: Kurt B. Davis
The quintessential caveman movie, this intelligent and multiple award-winning film takes us back to a time when one thing mattered above all to early man — fire.
Posted on: 6/3/2004 5:55:13 PM

starX2: X-Men United
Review by: Michael Sheridan
The X-Men are back together again, and this time they must stand together with their arch-enemy Magneto in order to twart a twisted military man bent on destroy mutants — all mutants!
Posted on: 5/31/2004 10:32:26 PM

starNever Cry Wolf
Review by: Michael Sheridan
This simple yet beautiful story follows a scientists as he treks to the Arctic to study wolves, and in the process discovers himself and learns to appreciate man's relationship with nature.
Posted on: 5/25/2004 1:38:01 PM

Review by: Michael Sheridan
This war film should have been an outstanding addition to the genre, but is instead a sloppy, over-acted and melodramatically written film. Surprising, considering the talent involved.
Posted on: 5/25/2004 1:30:53 PM

Review by: Darisa Diaz
WARNING: Avoid this movie at all costs! This unfunny comedy about a young couple who buy into a Brooklyn duplex and are tormented by a not-so-sweet old woman is simply boring. Consider this a public service announcement.
Posted on: 5/16/2004 10:28:18 PM

starCalendar Girls
Review by: Darisa Diaz
This tale of a collection of British women in their elder years who bare all for a calender in order to raise money for a dying friend. While it featured a few funny moments, this story is largely dull.
Posted on: 5/16/2004 10:00:52 PM

starThe Shape of Things
Review by: Darisa Diaz
Paul Rudd and Rachel Weisz both deliver spectacular performances in this film about a woman who takes a man and molds him into something more.
Posted on: 5/16/2004 7:57:20 PM

starWin a Date with Tad Hamilton!
Review by: Darisa Diaz
This film attempts to draw on our secret fantasies of dating movie stars but falls short. At worst, an effort in voyeurism, its attempt to become a cutesy romance is awkward and weak.
Posted on: 5/16/2004 7:24:00 PM

starThe Quiet Man
Review by: Marty Leicht
A former Irish boxer who has spent years in America returns to Ireland to escape a dark secret. But, love and tradition challenge his wish to renounce violence as he is pressured to fight for the woman he loves.
Posted on: 5/16/2004 2:12:50 PM

starLooney Tunes: Back in Action
Review by: Darisa Diaz
The film is as fast-paced and madcap as any Looney Tunes cartoon, only bigger, longer and uncut! It is an enthusiastic picture for adults and children alike.
Posted on: 5/16/2004 1:28:00 PM

star21 Grams
Review by: Darisa Diaz
While this film is filled with spectacular performances - Penn received an Oscar for his role - the jarring quality of the storytelling takes more away from the actors than it gives.
Posted on: 5/3/2004 6:16:30 PM

starSuperman II
Review by: Marty Leicht
This comic book camp is far above the similar genre films that followed, proving Superman is still the leader of all superheroes. But this DVD treatment deserves more than the poor outing it gets.
Posted on: 4/30/2004 1:55:54 PM

starImitation of Life
Review by: Marty Leicht
Douglas Sirk's 1959 version was the second adaptation of Fannie Hurst's popular novel of the same name, about two women - one white, the other black - struggling with career and raising their daughters.
Posted on: 4/30/2004 1:49:29 PM

starLove Actually
Review by: Darisa Diaz
This film is so sickly sweet that it’s possible to overdose on the syrupy quality of it all, as it packs a lethal punch of numerous London love stories all rolled into one super (long!!!) film.
Posted on: 4/30/2004 1:19:34 PM

starRunaway Jury
Review by: Darisa Diaz
Some still remember John Cusack as the geeky teen in such 80s classics as Say Anything and Better off Dead. In this film, Cusack is anything but gawky in a fast-paced thriller about jury tampering.
Posted on: 4/30/2004 1:06:53 PM

starView from the Top
Review by: Marty Leicht
This is a film that never has a sense of itself, and as a result flounders for 87 seemingly endless and laugh-free minutes. Consider this a warning - avoid this movie at all costs.
Posted on: 4/27/2004 2:30:03 PM

starPieces of April
Review by: Darisa Diaz
This film is a refreshing independent film that successfully showcases a family drama while inviting us to share in the altruistic aspects and anxiety that help construct Thanksgiving togetherness.
Posted on: 4/27/2004 1:46:12 PM

starLost in Translation
Review by: Darisa Diaz
Critics raved about Sofia Coppola's Oscar nominated film, but our review asks: If Bill Murray weren’t headlining this movie, would we even care about it?
Posted on: 4/27/2004 12:43:49 PM

starSomething’s Gotta Give
Review by: Darisa Diaz
Jack Nicholson and Diane Keaton are glorious in this romantic comedy about a womanizer and a neurotic playwright who hate each other, yet find themselves drawn together.
Posted on: 4/27/2004 12:21:04 PM

starShe Wore a Yellow Ribbon
Review by: Marty Leicht
While the film appears simplistic and at times even cornball, She Wore a Yellow Ribbon is grandiose in the way it handles the themes of the individual versus community.
Posted on: 4/22/2004 10:21:36 AM

starTexas Chainsaw Massacre (2003)
Review by: Darisa Diaz
Texas Chainsaw Massacre is not a film for those weak of heart or those with even weaker stomachs. It is fast-paced and chock full of shock with surprises at every turn.
Posted on: 4/20/2004 12:03:07 PM

starSchindler's List
Review by: Mark Doyle
Steven Spielberg finally accepts that DVDs are here to stay, as Schindler's List finally gets DVD treatment. And this outstanding film gets a fine treatment indeed.
Posted on: 4/16/2004 11:57:33 AM

Review by: Darisa Diaz
Gothika has a formulaic quality that always makes it seem like there’s something missing. This is not your usual devil may care bloodbath but when it tries for the same substance found in The Sixth Sense, it falls short.
Posted on: 4/15/2004 4:58:03 PM

starHow To Deal
Review by: Darisa Diaz
Despite its intent to get into the teen psyche, How to Deal feels like a grownup’s view of how teenagers should think and act as it tries desperately to speak to teens and miserably misses.
Posted on: 4/15/2004 4:46:14 PM

starThe Magdalene Sisters
Review by: Darisa Diaz
The Magdalene Sisters is the powerful and brutal true story of four women horrifically punished in these asylums by nuns, priests and the Catholic Church.
Posted on: 4/15/2004 4:12:24 PM

starUnder The Tuscan Sun
Review by: Darisa Diaz
The smooth, sensual quality of the film is helped along by Lane’s funny voiceovers. Originally from a book by Frances Mayes, it flows seamlessly like a great novel.
Posted on: 4/13/2004 3:16:19 PM

starThe Lizzie McGuire Movie
Review by: Darisa Diaz
The Lizzie McGuire Movie is not safe for adult consumption. It is a terrible version of a Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen straight-to-video film, which means that essentially it is very bad.
Posted on: 4/13/2004 2:17:57 PM

starSchool of Rock
Review by: Darisa Diaz
I'd heard that Jack Black received critical praise in this film, but waited for it to be available on DVD before spending the money to see it. I should have waited longer.
Posted on: 4/9/2004 12:25:00 PM

starBend It like Beckham
Review by: Darisa Diaz
Unlike most sports films, this story isn’t really about a team or a sport. Bend It Like Beckham is about a young girl pursuing her dreams against all odds.
Posted on: 4/8/2004 3:02:02 PM

starVampire Effect
Review by: Darisa Diaz
Vampire Effect is a poor supernatural action film that struggles to balance a Romeo and Juliet star-crossed romance with other plot lines that aren’t quite as interesting.
Posted on: 4/8/2004 1:39:11 PM

starDaddy Day Care
Review by: Darisa Diaz
With movies like Dr. Doolittle and The Nutty Professor under his belt, Eddie Murphy has found his niche in the funny, fuzzy sort of family films that kiddies and parents can enjoy together.
Posted on: 4/2/2004 10:12:14 AM

Review by: Michael Sheridan
Although not the follow-up to Aliens that it should have been, this film does have some merit. And that merit came in the form of its director, David Fincher.
Posted on: 3/29/2004 11:07:32 PM

starRequiem for a Dream
Review by: Daryl J. Grove
Requiem For A Dream is the 21st Century’s answer to The Exorcist. The latter was banned in Britain from 1973 to 1998
Posted on: 3/26/2004 9:08:55 AM

Review by: Michael Sheridan
If Alien was considered a classic of horror, James Cameron's Aliens was pure action and adventure. Although it still held elements of horror, Aliens offered up a action heavy film.
Posted on: 3/23/2004 3:21:57 PM

Review by: Michael Sheridan
I first saw Alien when I was a young child. It was on television late one night. I don't recall being particularly scared, but I did enjoy the film. It was exciting, with cool special effects - for the time - and a great creature.
Posted on: 3/22/2004 6:10:00 PM

starBowling for Columbine
Review by: Greg Fieser
Michael Moore takes a poignant, witty and tragic look at the dangers of guns and the obsession of violence in American society.
Posted on: 3/15/2004 12:28:45 PM

starMiller's Crossing: Special Edition
Review by: Daryl J. Grove
When Miller's Crossing opened the New York Film Festival in 1990 it was going to be the film that would see the Coens hit the big time at last and simultaneously make Gabriel Byrne an international superstar. Somehow this didn't happen, and I'm at a loss to explain why.
Posted on: 3/15/2004 11:34:14 AM

Review by: Gaetano Minneci
To precede any one of Hitchcock's films with "Hitchcock's Masterpiece…" is practically redundant. It simply goes without saying.
Posted on: 3/14/2004 11:33:11 PM

starBig Trouble in Little China
Review by: Michael Sheridan
When I found out that Carpenter had participated in a DVD release of this film, I had to get my hands on it. Fortunately, the holiday season was friendly to me...
Posted on: 2003-09-10 14:19:38

starLegally Blonde
Review by: Michael Sheridan
During the holidays, I was given the honor of watching over my seven-year-old niece, Amanda. We played Playstation, went to the movies, and watched TV together. It was great...
Posted on: 2003-09-10 14:17:44

starMoulin Rouge
Review by: Michael Sheridan
Let me start by saying this: I HATE MUSICALS! With a few exceptions - "The Music Man" and "White Christmas" - I can't stand musicals. I just never understood how all those people know the same dance steps, or all the words to the songs?? But "Moulin Rouge" is different...
Posted on: 2003-09-10 14:13:29

starBridget Jones' Diary
Review by: Michael Sheridan
For those of you who read my "Made" review, then you are already aware that I rented this film because my wife wanted me to get a film "she would like." Of course, she didn't completely believe I was actually going to bring home one for her, but, I did...
Posted on: 2003-09-10 14:10:42

Review by: Michael Sheridan
"Swingers" was one of those movies that I wound up seeing more than a dozen times because the pay-cable channels just loved showing it. Now, they love showing lots of movies, and I don't constantly tune in for them. But "Swingers" was funny, and I enjoyed the inside film jokes, as well as the obvious ones...
Posted on: 2003-09-10 14:08:56

Review by: Michael Sheridan
This movie is clearly a shoot’em up, because it’s so full of holes it would make a chunk of Swiss cheese jealous. Did I enjoy it? Sure, it was basic, mind-numbing action and violence. But, that’s what I was looking for...
Posted on: 2003-09-10 14:07:21

starStar Wars: Episode I - The Phantom Menace
Review by: Michael Sheridan
Like millions of others, I was excited to hear that Lucas - the supposed "leader" of the digital revolution in Hollywood - had finally relented and released one of his many great movies on DVD...
Posted on: 2003-09-10 12:09:56

starThe Goonies
Review by: Michael Sheridan
When I was a kid, I was completely drawn in by "The Goonies." A pure escapist childhood fantasy from the mind of Steven Spielberg. I went to see it with my friends several times. I made treasure maps at home, going so far as to literally burn the paper in the oven to brown it, then take a match and singe the edges...
Posted on: 2003-09-10 12:07:53

starClose Encounters of the Third Kind
Review by: Michael Sheridan
When I was a wee-lad, I can remember seeing "Close Encounters of the Third Kind" on television. Originally released in 1977, it was in theaters a second time in 1979. However, I was still young at the time, and have no memory of seeing it in the theaters...
Posted on: 2003-09-10 12:05:16

Review by: Michael Sheridan
My sister-in-law turned me on the “Clerks.” She got a video tape of it once and said it was extremely funny. So, I watched it. It was pretty good. Some good laughs. But, honestly, I thought the dialogue was inflated and unrealistic. Visually, the framing and editing were pretty bad. Still, beyond that, I enjoyed the humor and felt an understanding with the characters and their story...
Posted on: 2003-09-10 12:01:54

starConan the Barbarian
Review by: Michael Sheridan
I was seven years old when I first saw this film. I was shocked when I learned this, actually. I remember seeing it in the theater, but didn’t realize that I was only seven. Blood, nudity, what on Earth was my father thinking when he took me and my brother to see it? Anyway, I thanked him then and I’m grateful now...
Posted on: 2003-09-10 11:03:35

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