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5/16/2004 -- Okay, after a brief break, we're back. And boy do we have some updates for you! First, a slew of DVD reviews: The crazy and fun Looney Tunes: Back in Action; a look at the John Wayne classic, The Quiet Man; the not-so great Win a Date with Tad Hamilton!; the dark yet powerfully acted The Shape of Things; the “unfunny” Calendar Girls; and the VERY unfunny Duplex. On the film side, we offer two drastically different movies: the dark and unique The Saddest Music in the World, and the bubbly yet dull New York Minute. Finally, we feature a terrific Q&A; with documentary filmmaker Shola Lynch regarding her film, Chisholm '72.

5/3/2004 -- Two new film reviews join the ranks: 13 Going on 30 and Mean Girls. On the DVD side, we have a look at the dark drama, 21 Grams. Then, the charming Darisa Diaz gives us a comparison between the 1974 Texas Chainsaw Massacre, and it's 2003 remake.

4/30/2004 -- A new collection of DVD reviews are now available! Check out the sugary-sweet Love Actually, the tense Runaway Jury, the powerful 50s classic Imitation of Life, or the wonderfully campy Superman II.

4/27/2004 -- We're playing catch up today, as a slew of new reviews are posted. On the DVD side, we have looks at Something's Gotta Give, Lost in Translation, Pieces of April and View from the Top. On the film angle, a write-up of Young Adam.

4/23/2004 -- The modern-day fairy tale Ella Enchanted offers a sweet tale of a young woman cursed by her fairy godmother, but even the efforts of its cast can't save the film from a lack of substance.

4/22/2004 -- Our latest contributor, Marty Leicht, offers his take on the John Ford western classic, She Wore a Yellow Ribbon, starring John Wayne.

4/20/2004 -- Yet another horror classic gets a face-lift, but the 70's fright flick — Texas Chainsaw Massacre — is actually treated with care and is full of shocks.

4/18/2004 -- See the zombie flick in a whole new light with England's latest farse, the highly comical Shaun of the Dead.

4/16/2004 -- Shannon O'Neill makes her film review debut with Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, while Doyle returns with his take on Spielberg's holocaust epic, Schindler's List, now available on DVD.

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4/15/2004 -- A new slew of DVD reviews range from the horrific - Gothika - to the dramatic - The Magdaline Sisters - with a little teen angst in between, How to Deal.

4/13/2004 -- Under the Tuscan Sun gets high marks, while The Lizzie McGuire Movie gets a low grade in our latest set of DVD reviews.

4/9/2004 -- Mark Doyle joins our group with an outstanding Q&A; with film legend Ray Harryhausen. Plus, Daryl Grove offers a look at the upcoming Quentin Tarantino film, Kill Bill Vol. 2.

4/8/2004 -- A series of new reviews have been posted today: Bend it Like Beckham, Vampire Effect, and our new writer presents her first outstanding contribution, Dogville.

4/2/2004 -- We welcome two new contributors, Tim Steffen and Darisa Diaz, who come to us with two outstanding reviews: The Ladykillers and Daddy Day Care.

3/30/2004 -- Michael Sheridan offers high praise for the horror remake, Dawn of the Dead, a near perfect fright flick.

3/29/2004 -- Our examination of the Alien franchise moves on with a review of Alien3, and Daryl Grove returns with his take on the DVD of Aronofsky's Requiem for a Dream.

3/23/2004 -- We continue our look at the Alien films with a review of Aliens.

3/22/2004 -- We begin our week-long look at the Alien Quadrilogy with a review of the sci-fi horror classic, Alien, has been posted in our DVD department.

3/20/2004 -- A new book review of Robert Rodriguez' classic filmmaking tome, Rebel Without a Crew, has been posted.

3/18/2004 -- Michael Sheridan addresses the accusations of anti-semetism leveled at "The Passion of the Christ".

3/16/2004 -- Our new forums have been launched! Sign up today and discuss movies, the craft of filmmaking, our features or your own film projects.

3/15/2004 -- A few articles have been posted to our lineup. They include a humorous and honest look at the present state of Sundance, an interview with television writer Russ Woody, a look screenwriting contests and an essay on filmmaking.

3/14/2004 -- New DVD reviews have been added to the site: the controversial Bowling for Columbine, Miller's Crossing: Special Edition and the Hitchcock classic, Rebecca.

3/12/2004 -- Several new film reviews have been posted to the site. They include: Matrix: Revolutions, Kill Bill: Vol. 1, Roger Dodger, Tart and Punch Drunk Love.

3/10/2004 -- Light & Shadow is reborn! The new site is revamped and relaunched with its new moniker: Tail Slate magazine: The Source for Film Knowledge! The new site continues the tradition of the old, with a mission statement to provide articles and reviews to analyze and demystify the filmmaking process. We will also be featuring interviews with notable and unknown filmmakers, actors and writers, as well as works about different aspects of the film world, from contests to screenwriting.

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