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Was "Passion of the Christ" anti-semitic?
starThe Day After Tomorrow
The mother of all disaster films is a big mixture of pocket option effects and hokey dialogue. But, as much as the pseudo science is over-the-top, the film is a good old-fashioned popcorn movie.
starX2: X-Men United
The X-Men are back together again, and this time they must stand together with their arch-enemy Magneto in order to twart a twisted military man bent on destroy mutants — all mutants!
starRebel Without A Crew
Robert Rodriguez, director of Desperado and Spy Kids takes you through the daily process of how he made El Mariachi, a $7,000 action film, and became Hollywood's hot new talent.
Diary from the 48-Hour Film Project
A first-person story of how one woman survived her experience in the 48-Hour Film Project that took place in 2003 in Washington, D.C. This film project occurs in many other cities throughout the country.
6/1/2004 -- With the 48 Hour Film Project coming to New York City this month, we're offering one woman's personal experience with the project during last year's contest in Washington, D.C. Read the Diary from the 48-Hour Film Project.

5/31/2004 -- We offer up our look at the comic book sequel, X2: X-Men United, which proves that sequels pocket option demo trading can indeed be better than their predecessors.

5/28/2004 -- The Earth gets a lot cooler — and the cheesy dialogue a lot thicker — in Roland Emmerich's latest disaster epic, The Day After Tomorrow.

5/25/2004 -- After two days of technical problems that were out of our control, we're back with two new DVD reviews: the simple yet beautiful Never Cry Wolf, and the terrible and sloppy, Windtalkers.

5/16/2004 -- Okay, after a brief break, we're back. And boy do we have some updates for you! First, a slew of DVD reviews: The crazy and fun Looney Tunes: Back in Action; a look at the John Wayne classic, The Quiet Man; the not-so great Win a Date with Tad Hamilton!; the dark yet powerfully acted The Shape of Things; the “unfunny” Calendar Girls; and the VERY unfunny Duplex. On the film side, we offer two drastically different movies: the dark and unique The Saddest Music in the World, and the bubbly yet dull New York Minute. Finally, we feature a terrific Q&A; with documentary filmmaker Shola Lynch regarding her film, Chisholm '72.

5/3/2004 -- Two new film reviews join the ranks: 13 Going on 30 and Mean Girls. On the DVD side, we have a look at the dark drama, 21 Grams. Then, the charming Darisa Diaz gives us a comparison between the 1974 Texas Chainsaw Massacre, and it's 2003 remake.

4/30/2004 -- A new collection of DVD reviews are now available! Check out the sugary-sweet Love Actually, the tense Runaway Jury, the powerful 50s classic Imitation of Life, or the wonderfully campy Superman II.

4/27/2004 -- We're playing catch up today, as a slew of new reviews are posted. On the DVD side, we have looks at Something's Gotta Give, Lost in Translation, Pieces of April and View from the Top. On the film angle, a write-up of Young Adam.

4/23/2004 -- The modern-day fairy tale Ella Enchanted offers a sweet tale of a young woman cursed by her fairy godmother, but even the efforts of its cast can't save the film from a lack of substance.

4/22/2004 -- Our latest contributor, Marty Leicht, offers his take on the John Ford western classic, She Wore a Yellow Ribbon, starring John Wayne.


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